Welcome to the world of Lok Chanan.
The word Lok Chanan is taken from Devanagari language and it is a combination of two words, LOK+CHANAN.
LOK means People and CHANAN mean Light. From time to time great personalities throw the light on the path of lives of people and showed the realistic and positive way of life. Lok Chanan is a very small attempt and trying to follow the path shown by the greatest. That’s why Lok Chanan– the realistic way of Life.
Lok Chanan is dedicated to reporting, realistic and positive, ways of day to day life in different forms; to spread world peace and love.
In the coming days’ news, features,photo-features, articles on different subjects, interviews, and discussions on a day to day topics will be a part of this.Lok Chanana is a platform of the people, for the people and by the people.
As our motto “Quality is our Habit” Lok Chanan believe in Quality, not in Quantity.
Lok Chanan is pure ‘Non-Political and Non-Religious’ and follows only one policy “Nation First rest is afterward”.

Our Approach

Lok Chanan–The realistic way of life, and our policy ‘Nation first rest afterward’ is the way Lok Chanan works. This is the place to talk about realistic and positive ways in our day to day life.As Lok Chanan is going to bring news etc. and other such material, Our approach is to tell the true side of a story in a neutral manner, without discrimination, respecting the privacy, the humanity in general, and respecting the laws of the land.As our motto,’Quality is our Habit’, Lok Chanan believes in quality, not in quantity, and is purely Non-Religious and Non-Political.

Our Story

Everyone has a beginning, that’s true. Lok Chanan has a beginning too. We have to travel thousands of miles to India, in a small city Kapurthala where Lok Chanan was born in the year 1992,1st of June. As a weekly newspaper in the local language Punjabi, Lok Chanan served the people of the area for seven years with respect and dignity.

The Man Behind

P. K. Sardana


The news, features, editorial content, articles etc or any other matter/content, of or published in Lok Chanan, has been compiled with the greatest care. However, Lok Chanan cannot/will not accept any liability; can not be held responsible in any manner for the correctness and accuracy of the news, features, editorial content, articles, or given information, schedules, details, phone numbers or any other such matter/content, and address etc.

This site was really built with you in mind and we hope you will find it useful.

Thank you for visiting.


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