Governor Parson to address data issue found with state education department’s website


Governor Mike Parson is expected to address Thursday morning a data issue discovered on the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s website.

The press conference is scheduled to start at 9:45 a.m.

ABC 17 News plans to livestream the governor’s remarks.

Governor Parson is also expected to talk about the state’s plans to strengthen security and how Missouri will hold those involved accountable.

The Missouri Department of Education said it has fixed an issue that allowed access to some educators’ social security information.

According to the department, it was notified the personal information of three educators was possibly compromised through the state’s certification database.

Officials cut public access to the site until the problem could be fixed.

The department blamed hackers for accessing the websites’ source code to view the social security information.

The St. Louis Post Dispatch said the use of the term ‘hacking’ is unfounded.

The paper said it found the issue Tuesday and notified the department that educators’ personal information might be at risk.

The Post-Dispatch accused the department of attempting to minimize the impact. The newspaper said only three teachers were compromised, but the personal information of around 100,000 educators was left vulnerable.

The paper waited to post its story until the issue could be resolved.

A cyber-security expert at the University of Missouri in St. Louis called the issue a quote, “serious flaw…” and said the problem has been known about for a decade.

The expert also called its presence on the department’s website, quote, “mind-boggling.”

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