Jesse Kelly calls for ‘razing’ the US public education system, as nation suffering from ‘patriotism problem’

Radio host and former Arizona congressional candidate Jesse Kelly sounded off Wednesday on the “patriotism problem” in the United States, telling Fox Nation’s “Tucker Carlson Today” the rising anti-Americanism can be in part attributed to what the public education system is teaching the next generation.

Kelly told host Tucker Carlson that America as-founded is deteriorating due to the ongoing attack on its institutions and the country itself.

“It sounds hokey, but the reason we are in this predicament in this country is simply patriotism. We have a patriotism problem. If you have enough a high enough percentage of your population that loves their country, you’re going to have a good country,” said Kelly, a retired Marine.

“Why? Because if you have so many people, if there are 100 people in the country, and 85 of them wake up every day saying this is a great place. Well, why do I feed my kids? Because I love my kids. Therefore, I feel like I have a duty to do right by my kids. Same way works in a country you wake up in every single day.”

“If 85 out of 100 people wake up every day and think this place sucks, well, then you’re in a lot of trouble and we’re in a lot of trouble.”

Kelly also took on the indoctrination of critical race theory and other left-wing ideologies being applied in public schools and universities across the country, characterizing them as incongruous to the skills our children should be learning and that past generations have.

“There is no other argument to be had right now other than completely carpet-bombing the American education system and remaking it from the bottom up,” he said, adding that doing so would go a long way to fix the aforementioned “patriotism problem.”

“That’s where they’re learning the anti-patriotism. That’s where they’re learning the anti-Americanism… What do you learn in grade school? Well, slavery and, of course, we slaughtered the Native Americans wholesale, and that was pretty much America,” Kelly said of the historical distortions taught by some in civics education. 


“There would be nothing better you could do to help the advancement of the United States of America than take the top 10 universities in this country and fire every employee and raze the buildings to the ground and pee on the ashes when you’re done.”

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